Surfers don't try this at your beach.  A photographer caught an unidentified surfer, who was late for a competition at Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz, California, jump off a 30 foot cliff.


Allen Hughes is the man behind the amazing shot. He tells the Daily Mail, 'I noticed this guy run down to the end, he was late for his heat. I could tell he was anxious so I focused my camera on him and before anyone knew it, he ran and jumped off the cliff. He timed it perfectly and landed just behind the white water and paddled out. I never did find out who he was. The cliff itself must be 30 foot high and the waves were maybe higher.'

Allen said on his Facebook page, 'It's not unusual to see someone jump from that spot. I did it myself quite often in my younger days but never in these conditions.'

I wonder how the surfer did in his heat and if the jump was worth it.

See more of Allen Hughes' great photography at his website

Source: Daily Mail

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