The Truax family puts together quite a Halloween display every year at their home in Schuyler New York, complete with lights and music. Sheldon Truax says his family loves the holidays, but 'Halloween is our favorite.'

The elaborate display began as a hobby for Sheldon. 'It started as just a normal light display.  Over the years I did research and got inspiration from a guy in California who was doing something similar.'

Sheldon says the music comes from a 'FM transmitter that you tune to 104.9 so the music matches the mouths of the display.  But It's time consuming to program and you'd better like the songs you're programming because you're going to listen to them three to four hundred times before you get it right.'

Sheldon says the display doesn't cost as much as people think.  'We've been changing the display over to LED lights which increases the electric bill 15-20 bucks. Plus 80 percent of the stuff is homemade. It's like any other hobby. Some spend thousands on a snowmobile we spend it on the holiday displays everyone can enjoy.'

The Truax home is also decked out for Christmas. He's happy he has great neighbors who don't complain about all the lights, music and extra kids in the neighborhood, coming to see the display.

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The Truax Halloween display is on Westgate Drive, behind G&I Homes in Shuyler.

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