Everyone has their own style.  For USA Olympic gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte, it's shoes and his grills.  I'll admit, I've never heard of, or seen this teeth jewelry before.  I don't even really get the point.  When I first saw Lochte on the podium, I thought he was wearing braces.

Is this a new fad?  If it is, I'm not a fan.  Even Lochte's mother is against the grills.  She told Piers Morgan 'You pick your battles, and this wasn't one of them.'  She isn't a fan of the grill either, but kids will do what kids want to do.

Do you think the teeth grills are fashionable or foolish?  What other fashion styles are you not a fan of?  Pants that need to be pulled up?  Hats worn sideways?  Gages that make huge holes in people's ears?