Ronnie Dunn knows how tough times are for the average American.  He sings all about it in his song 'Cost of Living.'  Now he's going one step further to help those people who are suffering.  Ronnie has teamed up with Sprint for Assurance Wireless, a program offering free phones with 250 minutes each month for those who qualify.

Ronnie Dunn’s “Cost of Livin’,” speaks to the difficulty of finding a job during the recession and high unemployment currently facing the American workforce. The song begins by depicting a hard-working veteran, husband and father filling out a job application, and one key aspect of the job search is being able to call potential employers and receive return calls.

Dunn shares, “I remember the fear and insecurity of my father telling me he had lost his job. I was nine years old. My parents borrowed money from my grandmother to make a move so my father could get a job. You get to a point where so many things are out of control, and once you become unemployed, once you are bottomed-out, you need to have phone access or a regular phone number for a potential employer to call you back.”

Dunn’s song, “Cost of Livin’,” reminds people they are not alone, and Assurance Wireless allows people to stay in contact with family, medical services and employment opportunities when times are tough.