It was a crazy night at Cavallo's as the newly dubbed hometown hero, Ryan Quinn, sang to a deck filled to capacity with both new and old fans. Ryan turned four chairs and the attention of a city on to his amazing talent with his appearance on NBC's 'The Voice.' Cavallo's, a place he's played several times before, was happy to host him for this event.

Ryan has sparked a sensation now known as #Quinnsanity. He is using this new trend for good. If you purchase a "Quinnsanity" t-shirt, proceeds from the sale go to The House of the Good Shephard. That is where Ryan works and is an organization that is close to his heart. You can purchase these shirts online. Be sure to continue to watch, follow, and support Clinton's own Ryan Quinn.
Starting tonight is when we may see Ryan again on NBC's 'The Voice' tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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