Serving lunch at the Utica Rescue Mission was my first Friday Favor.  And it was about so much more than just serving lunch.  Both the experience and the rescue mission itself.

Chefs were on hand preparing both lunch and dinner. 

Homemade vegetable soup, chicken and macaroni salad were on the lunch menu.  Including cake and cookies for dessert,which are often donated by local supermarkets in the area.  I had the opportunity to taste the soup and it could give Campbell's a run for it's money.  It was outstanding.

On the dinner menu, ham and scalloped potatoes were being prepared by the night chef.  He even shared a tip for homemade salsa I can't wait to try.

Then there are the volunteers who wash dishes, prepare plates of food and take out containers for the meals being delivered to those who can't get out.  Without these people who take time out of their busy lives, the rescue mission couldn't operate.  And the kitchen is just one small part of what they offer.

After lunch I was given the opportunity to tour the nine buildings.  I was amazed at everything being offered at the rescue mission.  There are emergency shelters, addiction centers and housing, money management programs and even classes to help people return to work and get back on their feet.

The Utica Rescue Mission is not providing hand outs.  They're providing a hand up for anyone who needs it.  And there are a lot of hands volunteering to make it happen.  To learn more about volunteering at The Utica Rescue Mission click here.

I can't wait for next Friday.  Who needs a favor?  Send an e-mail and include your name, phone number, where you're from and how we can help. We'll grant one favor every Friday.