99.98 percent of people had their bracket screwed over within the first few days of the tournament. Only one perfect bracket remained in Yahoo! with the shot at winning through March 22nd.

Brad Binder of "Brad's Breathtaking Bracket" picked Mercer over Duke, picked Dayton over Ohio State, and so far has a perfect bracket....unlike the rest of us. Brad is only 23 and took a total of five minutes to pick his bracket. Some people slave hours over their picks.

Of the millions who entered the much-publicized Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, none made it through the Round of 64 unscathed. And no perfect brackets remain in ESPN's bracket challenge, either. But Brad's bracket in the regular Yahoo Sports' Tourney Pick'em pool  is still perfect, and a close look reveals he could go all the way."

Could you imagine his bracket being perfect and not winning a billion? What a rip!

However, his dreams were crushed with the most recent batch of games. Click Here to see the rest of Brad's bracket, and see how he fell from the top.