I don't recall it ever being THIS cold.  We were at -12 this morning with a wind chill of -20.  Several listeners called in with temperatures ranging anywhere from -21 to -29.  One even pointed out; if it's close to -30 today and we have a high of 30 tomorrow, that's a 60 degree swing.  That's crazy!

Please make sure to bundle up if you're heading out today.   With today's temperatures, hypothermia can set in within 30 minutes.  And all exposed skin should be covered.  If you have a teenager like mine, you know how difficult it is just to get them to wear a jacket.   Today, add the hat, scraf and gloves despite their grumbling.
I don't know what's worse in the winter, snow storms or frigid temperatures.  I think I'd rather deal with the snow.  How about you?