You've got to applaud this guy's mature way of handling all the temptations and pressures pro athletes deal with on a daily basis.  Terrance Ganaway is a running back on the St. Louis Rams. Last year was his rookie year. And right now, during the NFL off-season, he's back home in Waco, Texas, working for minimum wage making sandwiches at a Jimmy John's.

Terrance says, 'My number one job is being an NFL player. So don't get it confused [that] me working at Jimmy John's [is] lazy. I know what I have to do. I know how to get in shape and I know what it takes to perform at a high level. Really, Jimmy John's is just to keep me out of trouble in all the down time we have in the offseason.'


Terrance plans to keep working part-time until NFL training camps open again this summer. And he says he really likes working there.

Maybe he should talk with guys like Dan Marino, who fathered a love child and Plexico Buress, who spent time at Oneida Correctional for shooting himself in the leg.

Source: St Louis Post-Dispatch