When Joey Abt sets his mind to something there's no stopping him. After the New York teen crossed off meeting Luke Bryan from his bucket list he moved on to a new one. His goal is to visit 77 fire department in the Syracuse area and collect fire patches from all 50 states and he's well on his way.

Abt loves all things fire fighting. He listens to the fire scanner and watches fire fighting videos on YouTube. He's visited a number of area fire departments this Summer and has fire patches from each. But Abt wants patches from all over the U.S. and we want to help him.

Joey Abt

If you have a patch send Joey one.

Joey Abt
80 Brennan Beach Road
Pulaski, New York

You can also follow Joey's journey at Joey's Dirt Road Diary on Facebook.

Joey Abt

We've asked for help before and you've always come through. Just look at all the police patches that came in for Karma Little, the little girl with cancer that wanted the patches for her birthday. The packages arrived in droves, and she was from Georgia. Let's show our hometown boy what we can do when we ban together.