New music usually comes out on Tuesdays.  New videos are unveiled on the weekends.  CMT has a number of new videos premiering this weekend.  We posted the Toby Keith 'Red Solo Cup' video the other day.  Now Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown, Justin Moore, Chris Young and Faith Hill all have new videos out for their latest hits.

Kenny Chesney 'Reality'

Kenny Chesney is known for his stadium shows.  So it makes sense to begin the video for 'Reality' with Kenny's reality.  He's seen at each stadium, wearing that teams football helmet.  It then pans to concert footage of Kenny playing for so many people.  I've never been to one of his stadium shows and from the look of this video, I'm missing out.

Zac Brown Band 'Keep In Mind'

The video features black and white, mixed with color concert footage.  These boys sure look like they know how to have a good time.  And that Zac Brown can play a mean guitar.  No wonder they were invited on Kenny Chesney's latest stadium tour.

Chris Young 'You'

Chris Young shows off his acting skills in his new video for "You.'  He plays a sexy, hat free, gas station attendant, who all the ladies come to see.  Whether its for gas, a window cleaning or air for tires, the ladies seem more interested in watching him work from behind.  Can't say as I blame them.  Chris Young without a hat is pretty darn sexy.  Oh and he can sing too!

Justin Moore 'Bait A Hook'

Justin Moore pulled in the big guns for his new video.  A guest celebrity appears in the video for 'Bait A Hook.'  A celebrity who gets manicures, sparkling water in a champagne glass and wears a suit.  You don't see his face until half way through the video.  Turns out, it's NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, who is anything but a guy who 'can't even bait a hook.'  He even manages to catch a bigger fish than Moore and catches the girl.  Moore doesn't even get to drive Edwards car, even though Justin featured him in the video.  Poor guy.  Justin just can't catch a break.

Faith Hill & Tony Bennett 'The Way You Look Tonight'

Faith Hill teams up with Tony Bennett for a beautiful yet simple video for 'The Way You Look Tonight.'  Faith and Tony blend beautifully and Faith looks fantastic.


Toby Keith 'Red Solo Cup'

Toby Keith can do it all.  He can be serious and show his American pride with songs like 'Made In America,' but he also can be extremely funny.  'Red Solo Cup' is a silly song, so it makes sense the video would be silly too.  A number of guests appear in the video including Trailer Choir's Butter, Joe Nicols, Roger Clemons, Carrot Top, The Warren Brothers, Eric Church and Bill Dance.  See if you can spot them.  Most are easy to see, expect Butter.  I'll give you a hint.  He's the one with the 'Red Solo Cup' helmet on.