The ACM Awards will be handed out Sunday April 6th and the New Artist of the Year winner is up to the fans. So, the nominees are doing what they can to get your vote. Kip Moore uses humor and it's got my vote.

Moore premiered the disgustingly, hilarious video on Taste of Country, featuring a guy who shares WAY to much information.

The man is seen making a sandwich in a cafeteria, when his doctor calls. He goes on to describe something he 'can't really see without pulling a muscle. But I did get a mirror up under there. It's as red as this tomato I'm about to eat. It's oozing and disgusting and smells like bad mayonnaise.'

He offers to go in the bathroom and take a picture to send to his doctor.  That's when you discover there are other people in the room, who he asks 'do you guys mind watching this for me.'

As the man walks out Moore looks at camera and mutters 'That sh!! ain't right.' What is right is voting Moore for ACM New Artist of the Year.

Be advised: don't watch while you're eating and you may want to avoid mayonnaise for awhile.

Moore is up against Justin Moore, who I thought I'd be voting for, and Brett Eldredge for this year's honor.  You can vote at for both New Artist and Entertainer of the Year.