Nothing good ever happens when kids are quiet. They're only silent when they're up to something. At the Nobels household, they were up to something alright. Their parents thought they were sleeping in. Instead, they were busy painting, EVERYTHING!


Ryan Nobles, a TV reporter in Virginia and political correspondent for WIBX, posted the video on his Facebook page and explained, 'it's all cleaned up' and took four hours to do so.

The kids were properly punished with a loooong time out. Nobels says, about the 'same length as the clean up.'

When my daughter was young, she drew all over the walls leading up the stairs. I thought that was a mess! I guess I should be thankful it wasn't worse.

It happens to every parent. Even Luke Bryan, who's son Bo made a mess on the pinao.

The kids covering the house in flour doesn't seem so bad, now.

What's the biggest mess your kids have made?