Move over Randy Jackson, Keith Urban is taking over.  The 'American Idol' judge broke the news to Ellen.

'Well, of course Randy's leaving, and I'm here to announce today I'm going to be replacing Randy, which is fantastic.  Bittersweet, really. I'm going to miss Randy, I gotta say. He's a beautiful part of that whole institution that is 'Idol.'

I don't know if he was joking or serious, but YAHOO!  Keith coming back to Idol next season is the ONLY way I'll watch.  Keep in mind the segment started as part of Ellen's classic joke Tuesday.

Ellen asked Keith who he thinks will win this year between Candice Glover and Kree Harrison.  'It's a girl's year to win. I'm not a betting man, but I like the odds. It's hard to say. I think Candice has a bit of the edge. Just based on her powerhouse vocals on the last few performances. But Kree is an amazing singer.'

Before most left on Idol, Keith shared some encouragement with the contestants. 'If you're in that top 4 or top 5, it's really like having a hit song in the top 5. You may not be the number one song but you're a hit song.'

Keith has a new album coming out and a new single 'Little Bit of Everything.' Even though he didn't have a guitar and it wasn't expected, he broke into song when Ellen asked him to sing a bit.  He kept the beat on Ellen's coffee table. Worth watching just for that!

'Most people wouldn't do that. That is why I love you. You are a true musician,' Ellen told Keith.  And what she loved most about Keith on Idol is 'you really are a music fan. No matter what song people were singing, you knew the music. You know every genre. You really do love music.' That he does.  Keith likes everything. 'I know words to so many songs, but I'll have no clues as to where my car keys are.'  That's ok.  No one can be perfect.

You can download Keith's new single 'Little Bit of Everything' on iTunes and you can watch the finals of American Idol Wednesday night at 8.