Keith Urban promised fans his new album 'Fuse' would have a 'Little Bit of Everything' and sound a little different. 'Fuse' is not only different, but one of Keith's best albums in years.  There are collaborations with Miranda Lambert and Eric Church, along with a number of other great songs you can't stop listening to. 'Fuse' hits stores today with the lead off single, 'Little Bit of Everything' already hitting #1.  Just watch my reaction after getting it in the mail Friday, four days early!

I love every song on this album. From uptempo rock/country singles to traditional sounding Keith Urban. It has something for everyone, but these are the ones that really stand out to me.

Cut 1 - 'Somewhere In My Car'

'Somewhere in My Car' is the first song on the album and it's one of my favorites.  It makes you want to listen to more; more of the song and more of the album. Although it's a song about lost love, the fun, upbeat tempo makes you tap your foot and sing along.  It also makes me wish Keith was somewhere in MY car!

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'We Were Us' Featuring Miranda Lambert

This duet with Miranda Lambert is another one of my favorites.  I just can't hear 'We Were Us' enough.  The two of them sound so good together.  Good thing it's the next single off the album, following up 'Little Bit of Everything.' Even though this is a song about what was, its so upbeat and catchy.  You'll have to listen a bunch of times before you can sing along though.  The chorus is so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the words so you can get a head start.  Good luck!
'Back when that song was a song I could sing along, without thinkin' 'bout you every time it came on. Every beat, every line, every word, every time. When a road was a road I could roll on through, without wishin' that empty seat was you. Money was gas. Dreams were dust. Love was fast and we were us.'


'Shame' is a song Keith didn't write, but it sure sounds like he did. When he said this album would touch on his personal problems and his time in rehab, I was sure this was one of the those songs, with lyrics like this: 'What you heard is true. The disappointing truth is I don't like to lose. Shame on me. Bridges that I burned and lovers that I hurt. Lessons never learned. Shame on me. Hey, I'm not tryin' to be perfect. It's not like it's worth it. Hey, I'm not tryin' to be special 'cause I ain't no angel. Everyone hurts the same. What a shame.'  I feel like he's singing about his past mistakes. I think we can all relate.


'Raise 'Em Up' Featuring Eric Church

Keith and Eric team up for 'Raise 'Em Up,' an anthem about what's important in life and speaking up about it. From raising up your glass, your lighter, your children and your flag. 'Raise 'em up. You got a voice, you got a choice. Go make some noise. Don't ever let 'em tell you who you are. Raise 'em up. Fist black and blue. fight for the truth. It's what you do. Hand on your heart for the stripes and stars.'

'Good Thing'

This single is definitely one of the songs he said would be out of his comfort zone. 'Good Thing' is sexy and one of the six songs Keith wrote on the album. It a country/rock tune that hits hard from the first note. 'Mmmm, just hold it now. Let me put my drink down. Baby, tell me are you really for real?' Man I wish I could walk into a bar and have Keith sing those lines to me, followed by the chorus, 'Cause I know a good thing when I see it. And you got somethin' like i ain't never seen before. Yeah, I know a sweet dream when I dream it. Just give me one chance and you'll never be lonely no more.'  Sexy and Hot!  Love it.

Keith worked with new people on the new album, calling in the guys who put together Eric Church's 'Chief' album and Taylor Swift's 'Red' CD. He also tapped talents in the pop world, with guys who've worked with Beyonce, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy and Eminem.

A deluxe version of the album will be available with 3 additional bonus tracks. You can order the album and special bundle packages at

FUSE Track Listing

1. Somewhere In My Car
2. Even The Stars Fall 4 U
3. Cop Car
4. Shame
5. Good Thing
6. We Were Us (Featuring Miranda Lambert)
7. Love’s Poster Child
8. She’s My 11
9. Come Back To Me
10. Red Camaro
11. Little Bit Of Everything
12. Raise ‘Em Up (featuring Eric Church)
13. Heart Like Mine

FUSE Deluxe Edition Also Contains

14. Black Leather Jacket
15. Gonna B Good
16. Lucky Charm

Keith previewed 'Fuse' for fans in Nashville during a pub crawl Friday September 6th.  Steven Tyler even stopped by for a special appearance.

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