If you want to hear Keith Urban's 'Fuse' album before it hits stores September 10th, you're in luck.  Keith is having a special pre-release party and performance in Nashville September 6th.  Don't worry if you don't live in or around Nashville. You can still watch online. Keith is streaming the show live on Yahoo! Music's 'Ram Country Live.' It'll air at 9pm September 6th.

Fans can also visit KeithUrban.net to win tickets to the show or to pre-order 'Fuse.' Listen to a preview of each song below.

Keith Urban/Facebook

Track 16 'Lucky Charm'

Track 15 'Gonna B Good'

Track 14 'Black Leather Jacket'

Track 13 'Heart Like Mine'

Track 12 'Raise 'Em Up'

Track 10 'Red Camaro'

Track 9 'Come Back To Me'

Track 8 'She's My 11'

Track 7 'Love's Poster Child'

Track 6 'We Were Us'

Track 5 'Good Time'

Track 4 'Shame'

Track 3 'Cop Car'

Track 2 'Even the Stars Fall 4 U'

Track 1 'Somewhere in My Car'

Keith Urban Puts Fan in a Song, But Forgets the Words [VIDEO]

Keith Urban is known for getting up close and personal with his fans. From playing in the crowd to bringing fans on stage. At a recent show in Canandaigua, Keith serenaded Jade but forgot the words to his own song.