Congratulations are in order for former FrogFest guest Justin Moore and his wife, who gave birth to another baby girl. Rebecca Klein Moore, named after her paternal great-grandmother joins sisters Ella and Kennedy.

Moore tells People, 'We’re very excited to welcome Rebecca Klein Moore into the world. Both Mom and Klein are healthy. Her two older sisters helped with her first bath and are thrilled to have a little sister!.'

Brad Paisley was among the first to tweet his congratulations.

Moore and his wife didn't find out the babies sex before hand. Moore wanted to know but says 'my wife wanted to wait and she wins most battles.' What married woman doesn't.

Moore may try for a boy in the future, telling People 'I’ve got all girls as of right now. I am sure I will have another one.'

Girls are great, but sometimes a dad wants to throw a ball with his son rather than having tea parties and getting his toenails painted all the time. It's got to be touch to live in an estrogen ocean. Maybe he can gets some tips from Trace Adkins, who has five daughters.