This year students are required to review course materials and complete a homework sheet before attending the classroom and field sessions for all Sportsman Education courses according to the DEC.

To become a licensed hunter, bowhunter, or trapper in New York, you're required to attend and pass a free training course offered by DEC. The new guidelines are getting rave reviews from instructors.

Master Instructor Eric Minton from Niagara County said, "I coordinated a Hunter Education course in February of this year with the homework requirement for all students. Every student had their homework worksheet completed when they arrived at the first class. The students were better prepared and more readily engaged in classroom presentations, and the course was reduced from three sessions to two. With more time for field exercises, we were able to offer students more hands-on training."

For more information on Sportsman Education course registration, access to the course manuals and worksheets, and topics covered in the class, visit the Sportsman Education Program on DEC's web page.

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