It's not unusual to see a quail hunter, shotgun in hand, bag a bird or two or three. But how about a hunter who brings down a quail with his bare hands! Pastor Matt Carter of the Austin Stone Community Church was hunting with NFL quarterback Colt McCoy when a quail inexplicably flew directly at him. Check the quick reaction and, yes, it is a real-not doctored-video.

When the video was first posted on YouTube there was a lot of chatter about it being "faked".Not so.

Carter was alerted to the flying quail, being told, “Coming at you.” With three cameramen surrounding the bird as they got three angles, the quail flew straight at Carter, who nonchalantly transfered his shotgun from his right to left hand, then stuck out his right hand to snag the quail. McCoy then said what he no doubt has told many of his wide receivers over the years: “Sweet catch.”


Faked? C'mon! This guy is a pastor and it was first posted on his church website. 'Nuff said.