NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral Babies come when they are ready. Just ask Brandi and Jeff Ross who delivered their bundle of joy in an Oklahoma Walmart parking lot. The couple was sent home from the hospital after doctors told them they weren't ready to deliver.  But on the way home Jeff had to 9-1-1 when his wife went into labor.  Berkley Sullivan was born in the Walmart parking lot and luckily both mom and baby are fine. Paramedics showed up seconds after the baby arrived.  Hear the dramatic call, labor screams and all. 9-1-1 call: Jeff: 'My wife’s water just broke. She’s in labor. She doesn’t think we’re going to make it to the hospital.' Brandi: 'Baby, I don’t want…I need a f****** doctor!' Jeff: 'She claims she can feel the head.' Brandi: 'My water broke.' Jeff: 'Her water just broke a couple of minutes ago.'

9-1-1 Call:

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