A big thanks to all our guest DJ's who got up early to come in and help out on the morning show while Matt Herkimer was on vacation.

Monday's guest DJ was PJ Jackson, who brought homemade apple pie, baked by her husband Bob and cheese dip.

PJ Jackson


Tuesday Linda Williams helped out.  Thanks for sharing your great fudge recipe :)

Linda Williams


Gino Geruntino was Wednesday's guest DJ and if sounded like he had a little experience on the radio, that's because he works in our newsroom at WIBX.

Gino Geruntino


Breann Getz helped out Thursday.  She got to see a side of Polly Wogg most don't get to see.  Thursday was a day of everything fighting me at every turn.  She handled the day great!  Thanks Breann.

Breann Getz


Today Kevin Poppleton helped out.  He always dreamed of being on the radio and we're glad we got to make that dream came true.  Plus, he brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I've had three already :)

Kevin Poppleton


Once again, thank you to everyone for taking a few hours, early hours at that, out of their day to help me out.  I couldn't have done it without your help.