While Matt's away, Polly plays.

Its not uncommon for listeners to ask to come into the studio to see where 'the magic' happens.  But its not often they want to come in at 5am!  The last time someone came in that early was when Harlem Globetrotter Bucket Blakes was in the studio in January.  Keith James of Utica decided to join me in the morning, for fun.  I gave him the Frog name of James Pond since his last name was James, it seemed to fit.   Polly & Pond; has a nice ring to it doesn't it.   I don't know who got a bigger kick out of having him in the studio, me or him.  It's nice to have another pair of hands helping out. 

Keith James is also a member of the band 'Showtime" which will appear at Chili-Palooza this year at the Herkimer County Fairground Oct 15th.  Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the gate, which will open at 10am.  8 bands will be playing throughout the day while local fire departments compete in a chili cookoff.

Don't worry, Matt is back from vacation and all will be back to normal next week.