Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, can reward those who plan properly with great bargains and deals. The key, however, is to prepare, organize and have a strategy. Black has some great tips to help get the most out of the day.

 Do Your Research--It is important to remember to check consumer reports and read consumer reviews of the item before you decide to make the purchase. If the product is bad, just because you got it for cheap doesn’t make it a good deal.

Use Store Credit Cards-- Many stores offer extra discounts and warranties if you make purchases on your store card. This, when paid in full as if it were cash, can offer extra savings benefits.

Don’t Forget the Gift Receipt--Many stores are printing a gift receipt so you can include a receipt with the gift in the event of return or exchange, without divulging how much money you spent on the item.

There are more great shopping tips so make sure to check them out as you plan your foray into the wild and crazy world of Black Friday.