New Hartford natives Mike and Tom Gossin of Gloriana are climbing the charts with their catchy "(Kissed You) Good Night" and now they're talking about their first kisses. According to The Boot Tom's first kiss was pretty tasty but not in the most pleasant way.

"[Mine] was a girl that I went to grade school with," Tom recalls. "We were at a birthday party. We were very young and she kissed me and all I could taste was Doritos ... It was bad. I liked the girl right up until then. I don't eat Doritos because of that."

via Gloriana 'Kissed' and Told - The Boot.

Since it was a grade school girl we have to wonder if that Doritos' muncher is still in the area. As far as Mike's first smooch,

"Mine was in first grade. It was a girl by the name of Shauna. And I gave her a bag of those candy hearts and No. 2 pencils. I got a kiss for it. At that age, I learned a valuable lesson: the way to a woman's heart is to buy her something."

via Gloriana 'Kissed' and Told - The Boot.

Hmmm, Shauna, if you are reading this, take comfort in the fact that Mike still remembers you and the life lesson you taught him. As far as bandmate Rachel Reinert is concerned, well, she doesn't kiss and tell!