New Hartford natives Tom & Mike Gossin of Gloriana received a hometown welcome with a sold out crowd at Turning Stone.  Plus it was Mike's birthday.  What a way to celebrate.

15 of our winners had the opportunity to watch the band's sound check before the big show.   It gave us all a sneak peek of what to expect.  I don't usually stay until the end of a show, but after seeing a part of the finale, I knew I couldn't leave.

We also got a sneak peak of what to expect on the new album that will be out early next year.  They played their new music, including their current single '(Kissed You) Good Night.'  They finished with 'Soldier Song,' written after touring military bases overseas.  8 Ft Drum soldiers, dressed in their fatigues were brought on stage to stand on each side of the band.  Definitely standing ovation worthy.  It was the perfect end to a hometown show, with hometown soldiers,  and hometown boys recognizing the real stars on stage.  Watch the video below.

ConFROGulations on your success.  Continue to put Central New York on the map boys.

'Soldier Song' at Turning Stone