Step aside Sugarland.  Move over Montgomery Gentry.  There' s a new country duo in town named Florida Georgia Line.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly make up the talented duo who's debut song 'Cruise' cruised to #1.  The song is the lead track on their 'Here's To the Good Times' album, which is exactly what you'll have when you play it; a good time.  From the uptempo, fun songs like 'Tip it Back' and 'Party People' to the country/rap song 'It'z Just What We Do.' 

'Tip it Back'

Highlights on the album, for me, where 'Tip i Back' which was written by Hubbard and Kelly.  A song about relaxing and having a drink.  Something we all work all week to do. 'If you had a long day or a long week, grab a longneck if you're with me. C'mon, now, holler hell yeah 'cause tonight we're here to party. And don't worry about anything except what's in your glass. Whether it's a cold beer, tequila or a double shot of Jack, Yeah all you need to do tonight is tip it back.'  AMEN!

'Party People'

The other song I can't seem to get enough of is 'Party People.'  It's feel good song that takes a page from Jason Aldean's 'Dirt Road Anthem' with a mixture of country and rap.  I dare you to play it and not tap your foot and sing along with the chorus. 'Hey hey hey hey, where my party people.  Oh oh oh oh oh Monday's so far away.  All my party people, oh let's go.  Well come on. Yeah we're gonna rock rock.  Do a lotta shots shots. Someone tell the clock clokc we ain't gonna stop stop.  Hey hey hey hey where my party people.'  I'm right here and I'm ready to party with your people!


The guys do show their softer side with the love song 'Stay,' which is nothing like the Sugarland song.  It actually sounds like a combination of Hinder and Nickleback, which makes sense, since Joey Moi produced the album. The same guy who's produced albums for Nickleback.

After cruisin' around to 'Here's to the Good Times,' I doubt Florida Georgia Line will be a one hit wonder. But that's just my opinion. Taste of Country's Billy Dukes has quiet a different take on the album.  I think he may have been listening to something else.  Either that or he needs better speakers in his stereo.