Imagine riding a flight from LA to New York while a woman sings Whitney Houston, over and over. The flight attendants asked the woman to stop, but she kept going. So the pilot ended up DIVERTING the flight and making an emergency landing in Kansas City where the woman was arrested. I love Whitney, but if you aren't Whitney, don't sing her music.

A passenger took a video of two cops escorting the woman off the plane while she sings an off-key version of 'I Will Always Love You,' making Whitney turnover in her grave. As she's being escorted off, the flight attendants are trying to tell people NOT to take pictures. They weren't, they were taking video.

The woman ended up being released without charges but long after the flight was already on its way to New York. She blamed the incident on her diabetes, and the cops accepted that. She took another flight the rest of the way.