On Facebook, a recent search is going viral looking for any friends or family of Jeanette Revette. Jeanette's daughter is currently looking to find out who her biological Father was.

This Facebook search was launched on the People And Places Of Rome NY Facebook group. User Melanie Glur, posted the following post looking for help:

Searching for any friends or family of Jeanette Revette (of Rome, NY) that knew of her pregnancy in 1955. Jeanette gave up a daughter for adoption. Her daughter is trying to find her biological father. Jeanette Revette Searles died in 1959 at age 22. These folks may have been Jeanette's friends in 1955, Gilda Marcorsa, Barbara Fedal, Shirley M. Watkins, Robert J. McKenzie, Floyd H. Blanchard.....Would especially appreciate any help identifying the people in these photos."

If you'd like to help out, and know possible information, you can check out the photos she posted by Clicking Here.



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