Easton Corbin has been 'All Over The Road,' and the skies lately, but he's ready to let off some steam at the NY Country Jam in Syracuse this weekend. He talked with us about playing on a Southwest Airlines flight, touring with Blake Shelton and helping flood victims forget their worries for an hour or so at his show Sunday at the fairgrounds.

NY Country Jam

Easton is ready to lighten the spirits of those affect by the recent Mohawk Valley flooding.  After hearing about the devastation, he wants to do his part. 'It's all about coming out to the show and letting off steam. Letting it take you away from all your worries and that's what we want to do.  If we can let people escape all that stuff for an hour or so, and have a good time, that's what we're there for.'

Ten Times Crazier Tour

After performing at the NY Country Jam Sunday at 5:30pm, Easton is preparing to hit the road for Blake Shelton's Ten Times Crazier tour.  'I'm going to start this tour at the end of this month and I hope it lives up to it's name. Although I'm reserved I still like to have a good time.'

Live at 35

Recently Easton hit the friendly skies to perform for passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight.  'We did a thing called 'Live at 35' where we just got up there and sang some songs. It was a fun experience but the passengers didn't really know what was going on at first. It kind of hit them, we're just playing music on a plane.  That just doesn't happen everyday. That was the cool thing about it, it was just so random.'

Why couldn't I have been on THAT flight!

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Easton Corbin, 'All Over the Road' - Album Review

Mercury Nashville It's easy to heap praise on Easton Corbin's sophomore album for the same reasons fans and critics enjoyed his self-titled debut. 'All Over the Road' - available in stores and at digital retailers now -is full of traditional country music that goes down like a spoonful of George Strait 's sugar.