If you have family out of the area, you know how precious time with them is.  Our family spent Easter weekend in Canada, and no there wasn't any snow.  In fact, it was so nice, we golfed Saturday with my father and my cousin.  At least the weather was nice, because the golf wasn't pretty.  The course on the other hand was immaculate for this early in the season.

Easter Sunday, my whole family, all 45 of them, got together for dinner.  It was nice to catch up with aunts, uncles and cousins I haven't seen in years. With technology now a days, we even video chatted with another one of my cousin's who is in Argentina, touring the world.  My grandparents, who are in their 90's were there, along with the great great grandkids, who make you feel old seeing how much they've grown.   The kids spent their afternoon flying kites for Easter.  I didn't know flying kites was an Easter tradition.  You learn something new every day.