While many laws in New York State make sense, there are some that don't. Take a look at these laws still on the books. We bet you've broken a few, except for law number 4. Has anyone broken law number 4?

  • 1

    Citizens May Not Greet Each Other By “Putting One’s Thumb To The Nose And Wiggling The Fingers”

    Stop breaking the law. Just don't do this. LOLOLOL. It looks silly. We don't want you to look silly.

    Cindy McMullen/TSM
  • 2

    It Is Illegal To Congregate In Public With Two Or More People While Each Wearing A Mask

    It is illegal to congregate in public with two or more people while each wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity.

    Hey, what about Halloween? Mascarade parties? The St. Patty's Day parade? No more body suits for the crazy Comet fans.

    Scott Olson/Getty Images
  • 3

    It's Against The Law To Throw A Ball At Someone’s Head For Fun

    Don't get caught participating in a snowball fight. Keep those beach balls out of the pool. No fun allowed, but if you throw a ball at someone's head intending to hurt them it's OK.

  • 4

    A Person May Not Walk Around On Sundays With An Ice Cream Cone In His/Her Pocket.

    Does this include frozen yogurt? What harm can come to us walking around with an ice cream come in our pocket? Yes, it's messy to clean up but really? On the other hand, who the heck puts an ice cream cone in their pocket.

    altrendo images/ThinkStock
  • 5

    While Riding In An Elevator, One Must Talk To No One, And Fold His Hands While Looking Toward The Door.

    Riding in an elevator with strangers can be scary, awkward and uncomfortable. Now It doesn't have to be if you follow this law. Put the blinders on.

  • 6

    Slippers Are Not To Be Worn After 10:00 PM

    This must be an ancient law. Slippers are now acceptable footwear to wear in public at any time. Have you been to Walmart lately? So are pajamas. Some slippers can set you back $100.00.

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  • 7

    It's Illegal For A Woman To Be On The Street Wearing “Body Hugging Clothing”

    Women are not allowed to wear yoga pants or biker shorts outside of the gym; please put on a feed bag before leaving. Ladies, NO jogging in public, and just forget about that form fitting tank top. Gentleman, feel free to wear that speedo in public anytime.

  • 8

    A Fine Of $25 Can Be Levied For Flirting

    The flirting police are on the look-out for this one. Better make sure the person is worth flirting with because the $25.00 fines can add up quickly, especially if you're having a good day.

    Broken it. I talked to the hot guy in the elevator. A LOT. Owe $200

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