Buying your wife or significant other the perfect Christmas gift is easier said than done. Duck Dynasty's Willie and Jase Robertson attempt to find the right present, but fail miserably. Willie had the idea of sexy PJ's but Jase quickly squashed that idea since PJ's ARE NOT very romantic.  He did give his brother a bit of advice.  When asking your wife what they want for Christmas, 'listen.'

Willie & Jase Discuss Perfect Gifts

Have you opened a gift and wondered what someone was thinking? My husband has been very good at picking out the perfect gift every year, but I've opened a dud or two.  When I was young, I received a shower caddy.  Great gift now that I'm older and can use it when I travel.  Not so much when I was 10.

I know Christmas isn't about the gift but the thought.  But sometimes you have to wonder if any thought went into the gift at all. What's the worst gift you've ever received?

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