Last night, I was the most frustrated I have been in a long time. I was having a problem with my ATM Debit Card pin number and called my bank's customer service number for assistance. After waiting 25 minutes on hold, the customer service representative then told me there was literally nothing they could do for me. I then asked to speak to a manager. She transferred me to the Mortgages Department, they obviously couldn't help me. I told the gentleman transfer me to a manager immediately. What do you think happened? I was put back on hold for another 25 minutes.

At that point I was FUMING! As soon as I got put through to another representative, I told them to connect me with a manager immediately. The supervisor came on and told me she could not help me. She said there was virtually no way of assisting me with my problem. Let's just say the call did not end well.

I Wasn't As Mad As This Guy Though:

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