There were plenty of things to see and do at the Guys Expo. From inflatable jousting to an arm wrestling competition, it was a day full of activities for people of all ages.

Congratulations to all the arm wrestling winners in the novice, amateur and pro categories and thanks to everyone who came out to watch the action.

Arm Wrestling Photo Gallery

There was fun for the whole family. Kids young and old got thier picture taken with Kevin Harvick's winning Nascar, with proceeds benefitting the Shalamar Foundation. There was even scotch tasting, a NASCAR track, a shooting range and chances to win a man cave and hot tub full of beer, which had 1870 cans of beer in it. The guy's also seemed to enjoy getting pictures taken with Brooke Hogan.

Did we catch you at the Guys Expo? Check out our photo gallery.

Guys Expo Photo Gallery

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