Darius Rucker may be a superstar, but he never forgets where he came from. He made a teen's wish with down syndrome come true when he stopped by his high school talent show.

16-year-old Frankie Antonelli sang 'While I Still Got the Time,' and halfway through his performance, Darius joins him on stage.



I've been a Darius fan since he was Hootie with Hootie and the Blowfish. I've always loved his voice, but this makes me love him as a person.  What a big heart he has.


When I had the opportunity to meet him in Syracuse, I watch him interact with a child with special needs and it warmed my heart. Darius took extra time with the boy who left the meet and greet with the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen. I wish I had a picture of that moment.

I wonder if we can get him to sing with a child when he brings his 'True Believers' tour to Turning Stone February 15th.

I also wonder if Darius will release the song he sang with Frankie as a single.  It's always been one of my favorites.