Darius Rucker rocks my world!  He put on one heck of a show at the OnCenter in Syracuse Saturday with Rodney Atkins.

Newcomer Frankie Ballard kicked things off and got the crowd going.  Then it was Rodney's turn.  He was just as good as he was at FrogFest, even throwing his microphone into the crowd again during 'If You're Going Through Hell.'  Another lucky little boy even went home with his mic stand.

Then it was the man himself.  He entertained the crowd with all his country hits and all his Hootie hits, which the crowd seemed to know, as they sang along.  But the crowd went wild when Rucker broke into 'The Joker' and Hank Jr's 'Family Tradition.'  It didn't hurt that all New York sports team logos were flashing on the screen behind him.  So after all that, what can he do for an encore?  What I waited all night for.  Prince's 'Purple Rain.'  OMG that man can sing!  It's like it comes from his soul.  Darius' voice is like no other and I hope he sticks to country music for years.  It's where Darius belongs.

Check out our photos of the show at the OnCenter Saturday in Syracuse.