Rodney Atkins put on a great show at the Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo, but it's his closing number that has everyone talking.  Not only did he throw the microphone into the audience a number of times so fans could sing "If You're Going Through Hell," he also brought 10 year old Andrew on stage to help him sing.  Rodney even gave him the mic stand when he was done.  If you got to sing or just want to watch what a great entertainer, and gentleman Rodney is, check out the video.

Chris Taylor did a great job putting together a number of videos from FrogFest as well.  Check out everyone who took the stage here.   You can also watch him singing Darius Rucker's "Alright," and Blake Shelton's "HillyBilly Bone" here.

Joseph Richard Reed shot this video of Jeff Bates singing "Long Slow Kisses."  Thanks for sharing Joseph.

You can also look at a gallery of pictures several people took during Rodney's show.  Thanks everyone for sharing your moments with us.