19-year-old Joey Prusak, who works at his local Dairy Queen, is being haled a hero after his good deed goes viral. Prusak was serving a man who was blind or partially blind and as he turned away, he dropped $20. A woman behind him picked it up, and instead of giving it back, put the money in her purse. Prusak asked the woman to return the money to the rightful owner.  When she refused, he asked her to leave the store because he wouldn't serve someone so disrespectful. After causing a scene, she stormed out, with the money STILL in her purse.

After serving all his other customers, and apologizing for the incident, Prusak approached the blind man and gave him $20 from his own wallet on 'behalf of Dairy Queen.'

A customer who witnessed the entire thing, wrote a letter to corporate, praising Prusak and his actions.  The letter has since went viral.


Since the story has gone viral, customers are coming in to pay it forward.  Prusak is seeing strangers stop by to hand him money, which he didn't expect or want.  He says it's something he would have done on 'any other day.'  He's also seeing an outpouring of support on social media.


Prusak has been working at the Dairy Queen since he was 14 and is now the store manager. He's also going to college for Business, so I'm sure the extra money from random strangers will be put to good use.

A round of applause to Joey, for doing what the older woman, who should know better, refused to do. Way to go! You deserve all the recognition you're receiving, Joey.  As for the woman who kept the money.  I hope her face goes viral so everyone can see what a thief she is!


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