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Facebook Making Changes to Improve Mobile Profiles
More changes are coming to Facebook. The social media site is unveiling some new, mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles. There are "three main improvements that will give you more opportunities to express who you are and control the content showcased on your profile."
New App Prevents Teens From Texting and Driving
Parents and Guardians can only do so much when it comes to preventing their teens from texting and driving. You can say "Don't text and drive" until you're blue in the face, but if you're not in the vehicle with them you really can't do anything to stop them. Th…
What Does Nanotechnology Mean?
Honestly, our area has some of the most exciting news to happen this year: Nano is finally happening. It's great news, but what in the world does it mean? What is the definition of nanotechnology?

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