How To Try And Train A Puppy – Episode 1: Toys
A trip to the Stevens Swan Humane Society to "look around" pretty much always leads into taking home a new friend. For my girlfriend Dallas and I that is exactly what happened. We discovered our little cutie, Djanga, in the second to last kennel and we immediately fell in love. She's a 7-m…
Dogs Mysteriously Disappearing from County in Northern New York
What is happening in St. Lawrence County? Over the past three weeks police say there have been 15 dogs reported missing within a small radius. They are very concerned and are warning people in the area to make sure they take extra precaution and are asking anyone with any possible lead to come forwa…
Most Popular Star Wars’ Pet Names
Star Wars-mania seems to be at a fever pitch with the opening of the "Force Awakens" movie this week.  Apparently we've been fascinated with the franchise for some time.  A recent survey found many of us name our pets after the characters.
Dog Apologizes to Owner for Being Bad [VIDEO]
They say man's best friend is one of the smartest of all the animals and after watching this video I believe it even more! Not only are dogs usually very responsive to human commands, they also have emotions that appear to be pretty clear. This lab is clearly sorry for something and is begging …

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