‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Saves Cat
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is a hero, at least to their pet cat.  The girl picks up the kitty, which is about the same size as she is, to keep it out of harms way from the family dog, that keeps terrorizing the cat.  She carries the kitty through the fields and to the house steps,…
A Barking Bird? [VIDEO]
Only dogs bark, right? Well, this video has proven that theory wrong. Here is a video of a barking bird. Yup, a barking bird. The description of the video say, "This barking bird makes for a great watchdog." Honestly, if you didn't see the bird, you would think it is a watchdo…
Crazy Things Our Pets Do
After capturing a photo of our cat slaying of a roll of toilet paper, it got me to thinking about strange and peculiar  things our pets do.  Our dog, Randi, who fears everything including her own shadow, has one peculiar action when it comes to sirens.
Dog Obsessed With Air Conditioner Has the Right Idea
Large swaths of the nation are currently being blasted with extreme heat. If you happen to live one of these boiling regions, you are probably wondering how folks were able to properly function in such conditions before there was air conditioning.
Now imagine if you had to face triple-digit temperatu…
A Cat Up To No Good [VIDEO]
Whenever I need a good laugh, I turn to this video. It has everything a cute/funny animal video needs. A cat--check, music--check, a plot twist--check. The dramatic music is what really makes this video so great. The cat is definitely planning something--at least that's what the music leads us …
Kenny Chesney Shows Off New Goldendoodle Puppy
Miranda Lambert‘s adorable pups (however many she has) have nothing on Pancho, the adorable goldendoodle puppy Kenny Chesney was spotted with this week. Chesney, who is a first-time dog owner and a proud beach bum, already took the sweet pup for a ride on the water.
Kitten’s Surprise ‘Attack’ Doesn’t Go as Planned [VIDEO]
I found this video to be so funny and so cute all at the same time. Those are the best kinds of videos, right? Here is a video of a kitten sneaking up on another cat to make a surprise 'attack.' Well, little does the kitten know, the surprise is not going to go has it hoped for. Oh, and th…
Awwwww: It’s a Cat Snuggling with a Dog [VIDEO]
Are you ready for your "awwwww moment" of the day? Well, here it is. It's a video of a cat snuggling with a dog. The dog in the video doesn't look too thrilled about the whole thing, but it's really, really, cute nonetheless. Enjoy.
Polly’s Pets Play [VIDEO]
It's been a few weeks since we brought home a kitten and introduced her to our dog Molly.  At first the two didn't get along very well.  The dog just wanted to sniff her and the cat would just hiss at the dog.  Oh how time changes everything.  Both are use to each other now and spend a lot of time p…
Don’t Forget to Vacuum the Cat [VIDEO]
Now, I think it's safe to say that the majority of dogs and cats hate vacuum cleaners, right? I know all my pets do. But, here is the exception. Here is a cat that apparently likes to be vacuumed. Pretty funny.

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