Jacked Woman Puts Football Fan in His Place [Video]
In almost every professional and semi-professional sports arena they have some sort of entertainment in between plays. One example of what I mean is the Kiss Cam. In the case of the Arena Football team, the Philadelphia Soul, they have a 'Flex Cam.' One guy didn't see this coming!
Will Ferrell as Little Debbie is a Sweet Treat [Video]
Will Ferrell has pulled his fair share of stunts on late night television in the past, but this latest appearance has to be one of my favorites. The former SNL star joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show dressed as Little Debbie herself. He said it's because he's the new spokesperson for …
This Is For Anyone Who ‘Sucks in Colder Weather’ [VIDEO]
It's been a brutal winter and not just for us in the north. The south is getting hit with cold temperatures, snow and even ice. The difference is, they have no idea how to handle that type of weather. The Holderness family, who has been known to create a number of song parodies, took on Zac Bro…

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