Brothers Basketball Bet Ends in Humiliating Street Dance [WATCH]
Have you ever lost a bet? I bet it wasn't as funny as the one two brothers made over a basketball game. For the first time, the older brother lost and had to dance on a busy street corner in Provo, Utah for a half hour to whatever music his younger brother chose. Although it sounds humiliating, the …
Jeff Gordon Pulls Another Test Drive Prank [WATCH]
Jeff Gordon is at is again.  Remember his prank on a car salesman last year?  One automotive journalist/internet critic questioned the authenticity of the 'Test Drive,' callingthe commercial fake. So Gordon teamed up with Pepsi MAX to prove the ad was real.
Cheesy Pickup Lines That Work [WATCH]
Do cheesy pickup lines really work?  According to this video from Simple they do.  Getting the conversation started is always the hardest part of introducing yourself to someone.  Watch this video and you might find the ice breaker you need.

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