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Country Stars Shine Light On Autism
Several of your favorite country performers are opening their hearts and joining in a special auction to raise awareness in Autism.  Here's your chance to get autographed Easter items and help the cause for Autism Awareness.
The Truth Doc, And Nothing But
I am about due for my annual physical with my doctor, and I know he'll ask dozens of questions.  Hopefully, we  answer those questions honestly - after all, it's our health. But, sometimes people don't.
Dial Up Good Health
No it's not "Star Trek" or the future, but soon we may be able to better monitor our health by phone.
Does Your Ringtone Set Your Tone?
We've all heard some amazing ringtones that people have on the cell phones.  Now, a new study says that the type of ringtone we choose for that cell may say something about our personality.
Men Are Getting More Facelifts
The percentage of facelifts for men has been increasing, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Statistics from ASPS show there has been a 14 percent lift in facelifts from 2009 to 2010.
Eddie Montgomery Tells All About Health Scare
Eddie Montgomery wasn't feeling bad. He just had a sore hip. But when his son was hurt in a 4-wheeler accident he took the opportunity to consult with his boy's bone specialist. The results were not what he was expecting.
The Tim Lincecum “Diet”?
San Francisco Giant ace Tim Lincecum is not your average big league ballplayer. With his long stringy hair, T-shirt and jeans wardrobe and unorthodox pitching delivery "The Freak"--as he is affectionately known--has long since ceased shocking the sports establishment. Until now. He recentl…
Women And Shoes [Video]
It is a subject that men will never understand. Your average guy will have a pair of brown, a pair of black, a pair of sneakers and some
comfortable slippers or slip-ons. As for the average woman? Check out this poll from Shop Smart magazine and Kellie Pickler's ode to her favorite footwear.

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