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What Are We Drinking?
You've heard about the "What Are You Drinkin'" contest on Big Frog 104 with Matt & Polly Wogg, but now there's new research about what we are drinking. We all have our favorite beverages, and with summer on the way, we'll be drinking more of them.
Keep The Bugs And Zappers Away From Food
It's picnic and backyard barbecue time, and the bugs are hungry...for you! Now research recommends that you keep electric bug zappers away for your food. Even though we haven't yet officially begun the "Frog Days of Summer", after Memorial Day Weekend, it's the summe…
Local Healthcare Professionals To Be Honered
You may have a favorite physician, nurse or other healthcare practitioner who you feel goes above and beyond for your health. A number of local healthcare professionals, maybe one of yours, will be honored next month.
No Pink Slime In Price Chopper Ground Beef
We've all heard the recent news about so-called "pink slime" meat filler, which doesn't sound very appetizing. Price Chopper Supermarkets wants to reiterate that its ground beef does not contain any such substances.
One Third Of Us Take A Daily Nap
Many of us take a nap now and then, and a new study has the facts. According to a recent Pew Research Center Study reported on, 34 percent of Americans admitted that they took a nap during the past 24 hours.

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