Best Drinks To Have After Running The Boilermaker
Plan on running the Boilermaker this weekend? When you're done you probably plan on drinking a beer or two after the brewery. That's ok! However, you may find if you drink this you'll recover a little bit faster after running. Here's the top post run drinks, other than water.
Help Make it Snow in July on Boilermaker Sunday
There are not many events that unite our community like the Utica Boilermaker. It is one of the biggest days of the year for our city and it's not just because of the free beer. It's one of the few times where the community comes out to show their support and cheer on the folks who brave the heat to…
Join M&T Bank In Supporting Boilermaker Runners [VIDEO]
This Sunday is one of the most exciting days of the year for the city of Utica and that's because it's Boilermaker Sunday!!! One of the most important things a runner of this famous road race needs is the support of spectators along the course. M&T Bank is joining with the communit…
The Official Beer Of The Boilermaker Takes Home Gold
Am I biased towards anything that the Saranac Brewery creates? Yes, but that's because it has a phenomenal reputation that is backed up by several awards, including the most recent award! The official beer of this year's Boilermaker is Wild Hop Pils and this week it took home the Gold in t…
Try Drinking A Utica Boilermaker Cocktail
Are you joining the Boilermaker Burger Relay team to help Tad and Polly destroy the competition? Well, other than chowing down on the Boilermaker burgers you may need a drink. How about a Utica Boilermaker Cocktail?

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