Ford Unveils New Atlas Pickup
Ford has offered a sneak peak and what is likely to be the next generation of F-Series pickups. The Ford Atlas concept was unveiled and wowed viewers at the Detroit auto show.
Local Prices Down For Holiday Travel
Here's some good news - gas prices in central New York are down this month, and just in time for the holidays. Due to lower gas prices, it's expected that more people will be on the road this holiday season.
Winter Driving Tips
I was out running errands on "Black Friday" and personally saw two fender bender accidents. And that was when the weather was good! Now that the snow has started to fly it's time to brush up on our winter driving skills. Here are some helpful winter driving tips.
DMV On Line Temporary Registration
With so many directions most of us are pulled in each day, it's not uncommon to forget to renew your car registration. Now, the DMV is giving you an oppportunity for a temporary registration online, until your permanent registration arrives.
Cadillac Through the Years [GALLERY]
The name Cadillac has become synonymous with high quality.  As in it's the "Cadillac" of golf clubs.  As was many great companies, Cadillac wasn't started purposely.  Check out the story of how they began as well as some photos of Cadillacs through the year…
Millions In Unpaid NYS Thruway Tolls
If you travel on the New York State Thruway, there's a basic rule: you have to pay the toll. Many of us have E-ZPass, while others pay cash. I remember years ago as a college student running out of money on my way home and asking the toll booth operator if I could "charge" the toll. That d…
New York State Thruway Thinking About Raising Tolls
If you're traveling on the New York State Thruway this weekend to to watch that Utica College Pioneers football game at Ithaca College, you'll still pay the same toll. But, there's talk about possible toll increases on the Thruway. The Thruway needs to maintain the roadway, but higher tolls mean hig…
Gas Prices Are Soaring
Yes, these late "Frog Days Of Summer" have seen big increases in gas prices. On my way to Big Frog 104 today, I paid $3.91 for regular.

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