Now that it's officially been announced Keith Urban will join American Idol next season, the next question is; is he enough to save the show?

The singing competition has seen a declining audience for the last several years.  The viewers seemed to have slowly stopped watching the show since Simon Cowell left.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were added for two seasons.  Tyler may have brought a few fans his first season when he was funny and unpredictable.  He wasn't any where near as entertaining in his second season.  Jennifer Lopez was eye candy for men who tuned into the show, but her judging talent left a lot to be desired.  Everyone did a great job in her opinion.  Randy Jackson was the only guy on the panel who could 'keep it real.'

Thankfully Randy returns next year with Mariah Carey, who was announced as a judge in July.  Joining Urban is Nicki Minaj.  Who?  Never heard of her, but she's creating quite a stir among Idol fans on the American Idol webpage.

Although I've never heard of Minaj and don't know much about Carey, other than that she has an amazing voice, I'll reserve judgement on the new season until after a few episodes.  It'll be hard not to watch with Keith on every episode.  What about you?

With the changing of the guard at the Idol table and the declining audience, is Keith Urban enough to save the show or is it doomed before it begins?  Will you be watching?