The 2 night premiere of 'The X-Factor' on Fox continued and this time a gal from New York stole the show.  Caitlin Koch is a rugby coach and player from Buffalo.  She's only 21 and is beautiful.  Plus she can sing; really well.  Her version of 'Stop In The Name of Love' earned her high praise and 4 yes votes, to sail through to the next round.  Check out her audition

The audition of the night has to go to 18 year old Melanie Amaro who received a standing ovation for her version of Beyonce's 'Listen.'  She even had judge Nicole Scherzinger in tears.  Give it a listen.  She may be the one to beat, but I say that after every show.

Then there's Alexander, or should I say Xander.  Someone should have given him a piece of advice before his audition.  Don't be surprised when you bite the big dog, he bites back.  Simon Cowell put 'Xander' in his place. 

Simon Cowell wanted The X-Factor to beat American Idol in the ratings department.  But he's got a ways to go.  About 12.5 million tuned into the Wednesday night debut.  That's not even half the audience of Idol's season 10 premiere in January.  The good news is The X-Factor gave FOX its most watched fall series in 5 years.  And it's early.  Maybe more will tune in next week when auditions continue Wednesday night at 8 on FOX.