Many millennial's let Mommy make their bed well into their teen years. When you go off to college, you may be lost in this making the bed world. Try Simple Sheets.

Seriously, someone made an invention that makes changing your bed sheets as easy as Sunday morning. According to the COED, each set comes with five sheets:

A fitted sheet designed specifically for a dorm room bunk bed, a flat sheet, a pillow case, a storage pocket and something called a “strip sheet.” The only parts of the set that you’ll ever need to wash are the pillow case, the flat sheet and the strip sheet.

Each fitted sheet has a layer of velcro on it. No joke. You use this velcro to attach to the strip sheet. When it’s time to wash your sheets, all you do is tear off the strip, throw it in the washer.

Simple Sheets range in price from $59.99 - $89.99.